At CrossView we feel it is important to connect with God on a one-on-one level and connect with those around us. It is our goal to be intentional with our Connect Groups.

Connect Groups meet throughout the week on various days, times, and locations. Each group is unique in it’s study technique and discussion. Even with the unique aspects of each Connect Group, there are four main areas of focus:

  • SCRIPTURE Each Connect Group is rooted in scripture

  • OUTREACH Each Connect Group is encouraged to serve and reach others outside the CrossView Church walls.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY Each Connect Group member agrees to confidentiality and to support one another.

  • PRAYER Each Connect Group is a praying group

For a complete list of current Connect Groups, please click HERE.

Leading or hosting a Connect Group is simple! You don't need to be a Bible "expert" or lifelong group leader. CrossView Staff will help you with curriculum, how to facilitate effective discussions, tips on how to build community, and more. All you need is faith in Jesus, a love of people, and a place to gather.

CrossView Church makes leading a Connect Group fun & easy. If you're interested in leading or hosting a Connect Group at CrossView Church, email us.